We offer you a personalized diagnosis combining different treatments to adapt to the needs of each body and person; accompanying you if necessary with a food re-education.

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It works by means of a regular and controlled compression on all the skin tissues, breaking the fat nodules down to the deep muscles, favoring the firming.

45 min  –  47 €

Application of homeopathic product subcutaneously to eliminate localized fat naturally and without side effects.

30 min  –  38 €

Treatment that uses air pressure as a massage, activating the lymphatic system and improving circulation throughout the body.

40 min  –  27 €

The Binary Premium method helps fight cellulite, flaccity, loss of firmness, accumulated fat. This technology combines the power of thermotherapy and electro-stimulation, achieving great results in tissue regeneration and dermal and muscle firming.

The benefits of a massage are multiple, both at the body level and at the energy and spiritual level.

Full: 60 min  –  50 €

Located: 30 min  –  30 €

Massage that through very gentle pumping we manage to activate blood and lymphatic circulation, activating the immune system and helping to eliminate toxins.

70 min  –  55 €

Due to its difficult access, it is an area where many impurities and dead cells accumulate.

from 50€

We offer you a personalized diagnosis, combining different treatments to adapt to the needs of each body and person. Accompanied, if necessary, with a food reeducation.