Facial treatments

Combined and personalized treatments to achieve the best results on your skin. Include regular treatments in your beauty routine and you will see how your skin is transformed.

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It fights aging, regenerating the skin, providing luminosity and freshness.

45 min – 30 €

Beauty cure, a treatment that cleanses the skin in depth, detoxifying it and freeing it from skin stress.

90 min  –   50 €

For skins that have lost hydration and luminosity, they find in this treatment the answer to their needs, thanks to the philosophy of the three Rs: Renew, Recover and Repair.

Ideal for asphyxiated and sallow skin. The skin regains luminosity and freshness.

60 min  –  45 €

Wonderful antioxidant treatment. Indicated for skins that seek to regain luminosity and firmness.

90 min  –  58 €

Powerful rejuvenating and regenerating treatment. You will achieve a lifting and redensifying effect, improving skin hydration and density.


Desde  65 €

We anticipate the needs of each skin with products and protocols specialized in acne skin.

90 min – 45 €

Deep regeneration is essential to regain the vitality of post-acne or oily skin. Continue to control the hyperseborrheic tendency of these skins by stimulating their natural defenses.


60 min – 50 €

Rejuvenation process treating the damaged upper layers. Indicated for spots, acne, hydrate and provide luminosity.

45 min  –  from 48 €

Mechanical exfoliation. Eliminates dead cells and stimulates cell renewal. It lightens blemishes, refines pores and reduces wrinkles.

60 min  –  48 €

Through intense pulsed light we will achieve a uniform skin without blemishes.

15 min  –  a partir de 20 €

It manages to activate the hyaluronic acid of the skin, eliminating blemishes, enlarged pores, and the depth of wrinkles.

45 min  –  50 €

Non-invasive and painless treatment that stimulates the formation of collagen and that active ingredients penetrate the skin, acting against spots, wrinkles and flaccidity.

45 min  –  75 €

The ultimate in advanced diatherm combined with electro-firming. It manages to rebalance, recover and regenerate the cell from the inside.

Revitalizes the dermis unifying the tone.

Improves the appearance of bags, dark circles, cleavage and double chin.


60 min – 50 €

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Formula to treat hyperpigmentation.

Target nanopeel inhibits the production of melamine synthesis, accelerating cell change. The spots are reduced, it evens the tone and also controls the sebaceous production and the reduction of wrinkles.


45 min – 100 €

60 min – 50 €